If you want to avoid crowds


When I was searching for the best time to visit Madeira, many people were talking about how busy Madeira is at any time of the year. Honestly, that scared me a bit because as you might already know, I don't like crowded places. In fact, I love exactly the opposite. I am not looking for parties or any Eiffel Towers, or Niagara Falls, or Hollywood signs where I have to deal with too many people.


But my fear melted really quickly when we arrived to Madeira. Of course, there are crowded places like almost in any other destination, but it's very easy to avoid them if you want to. I am talking now especially about Funchal and some other places in the southern island. But nothing crazy  - and that means a lot coming from someone like me :)) Northern and Eastern part of Madeira is less crowded in general.


When you want to avoid crowds and book the best hotels without any problem, try to avoid summer holidays. In fact, try to avoid any kind of holidays in general, like Christmas or Eastern. But that's a tip for visiting almost any destination, right?



If you want the best weather... hmmm, what's the best weather?


Good news! Weather in Madeira doesn't have to play a big part in vacation planning. The temperatures are nicely stable throughout the year which makes Madeira a dream destination! Although winter can be slightly more rainy with lower temperatures in the night and early mornings.


Do you want to come when there's the most sunny and dry weather? Then June is your best bet, but anything between March to September will work too


Are you planning to do lots of hiking and walking? Then April and May are the best months to visit. Any later might get a bit hot for walking, and winter/early spring can be rainy (can be, but not talking about rainy season like they have in Asia ,)


April and May are also the best months to go to Madeira for enjoying all the beautiful flowers? So if you're keen to visit one of the world's most beautiful garden which is in Funchal, if you want to those iconic sceneries with flowers in the foreground, or rather flowers everywhere, April and May it is.


Madeira is also famous for swimming with whales and dolphins. If you are planning to do anything like this, then the best time to come is between April and October. That's when the highest number of mammal species are in waters of Madeira.